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Green Worx offers an effective range of industrial cleaning products, featuring bio enzymes probiotics and offering superior cleaning and sanitising solutions. We’ve teamed up with the world’s foremost, innovative, enzyme and sustainable surfactant producers – which means we offer reliable, affordable and effective green cleaning solutions.


Green Worx Cleaning Services has is certified and has permission to operate during the South African lock-down period as announced by the president of the Republic on the 23rd of March 2020.

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Following extensive research, Green Worx teamed up with the world’s foremost technologically advanced bio enzyme and sustainable surfactant producers to offer reliable, affordable, effective, and green industrial cleaning solutions.


Our institutional and industrial products utilise natural eco-friendly processes to clean and deodorise in ways that are beneficial to the environment and your facility, providing long-lasting effects that keep working long after the product is applied. Unlike standard harsh chemical products, this technology can provide longer-lasting odour control, deeper cleaning to remove grease and soil.

Part of the facilities management role is ensuring the health and safety of employees, while creating an environment that is healthy and will not negatively impact on the long-term health of employees or the environment. Traditional chemical cleaning agents are still widely used across many facilities. The larger the building, the more chemicals are used, and the greater the exposure to harmful volatile organic compounds becomes.


By using green cleaning products, the number of cleaning products used can be reduced by 50 percent. This not only offers massive savings (increasing the bottom line) and an improved sustainability scorecard, but also creates a safer working environment, meaning staff are healthier, there’s less absenteeism and more productivity.



  • Bio Tech GTX 10 FF Concentrate
  • Bio Tech GTX 20 FF Concentrate
  • Bio Tech GTX 20 NF Concentrate
  • Bio Tech Probiotic Surface Sanitising Spray
  • Bio Tech GTX RTU
  • Bio Tech GTX Foam Hand Soap
  • Bio Tech GTX Foot Wear Clean & Odour Control Concentrate

Uses & Areas:
Bathrooms, Toilets, All-surfaces, Handwashing, Footwear Cleaner & Deodorizer

  • Odorite Bio Cubes
  • Odorite Drain Purge RTU
  • Odorite Drain Purge 10X Concentrate
  • Odorite Fem Fresh sachets
  • Odorite P-Disc
  • Odorite P-Disk & Holder


Uses & Areas:
Bathrooms, Toilets, Urinals, Drains & Feminine Bins

  • Blue Mac Portable Toilet Fluid Concentrate

Uses & Areas:
Portable Toilets

  • Uri Pod Urinal anti-splash back bio device

Uses & Areas:
Drain Lines

  • Odorite Grime Away Concentrate, RT& Wipes
  • Odorite Surfclean 10X Concentrate FF
  • Odorite Surgical Instrument Cleaner
  • Odorite Surgical Instrument Cleaner Foamer

Uses & Areas:
General Surfaces & Surgical Instruments

  • Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Powder 3% - 5kg
  • Odorite Ultra Bio Floor & Tile Auto Scrubber Concentrate
  • Odorite Ultra Bio Floor & Tile Manual Concentrate
  • Odorite Ultra Super Concentrate Laundry Powder Auto Wash
  • Odorite Ultra Deep Clean 10X Concentrate (Biological)
  • Odorite Ultra Deep Clean Enzymatic 30X Concentrate
  • Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Liquid
  • Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Powder 3% Hand Wash
  • Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Manual & Auto
  • Odorite Low & Ultra FOG Grease Trap 10X Concentrate FF
  • Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Powder 3%

Uses & Areas:
Grease Traps, Septic Tanks, Pit Toilets & Compost Heaps

  • Microzyme FOG Free Grease Trap
  • Microzyme Compost Activator
  • Microzyme D60 Sachets Brown
  • Microzyme D60 Sachets Green
  • MMicrozyme D60 Green Fragranced
  • Microzyme DC 20 Spore in Powder
  • Microzyme Surfclean 10X FF Concentrate FF

Uses & Areas:
Grease Traps, Septic Tanks, Pit Toilets & Compost Heaps


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