Welcome to GREEN WORX Cleaning Solutions Pty (Ltd)

Every product produced in the world today leaves a mark on the environment. This is known as its ecological footprint. A product’s ecological footprint starts with its design and continues through to its disposal and is such measured as being harmful or eco-friendly. At GREEN WORX CS we have associated ourselves with world leaders in Biotechnology and Enzyme technology and it is our personal desire to strive to develop markets and sell the products that are highly effective and efficient so that these may accomplish the various cleaning, hygiene, sanitation and waste treatment applications without compromising the environment. All the products that we market are exceptional high performance products leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible as can be attested by various environmentally concerned institutions in South Africa.

We achieve this by employing the simplistic yet complex principles of nature in developing effective biotechnology products that compensate for chemistry’s harshness on the environment and their weaknesses. GREEN WORX CS’s main business principles incorporate our commitment to adhere to strict environmental policies by producing eco-friendly quality products that meet strict production policies for total quality. These fine qualities are also applicable when selecting international product partners.

Our social commitment is to lead by example and to bring about change to the industries we operate in and to the communities we serve. Our ethical business practices and our commitment to producing environmentally safe and eco-friendly products allows us to strive for and to surpass the strict criteria required by various environmental certification organizations, allowing for the company to be an accredited “Green Business” and all of our products to be “Eco Choice Approved”.